Solar Services in California



Solar & Solar Batteries

Are you spending hundreds of dollars per month on your energy bills? Let us give you the power to keep that money in your pocket while protecting our shared environment. Let’s go green! SAVE MONEY?


Are your windows inefficient or broken? We’ll replace your windows.


Don’t want solar on your house and would rather have it on a patio? Or perhaps the azimuth from the new patio might be better Sun Exposure for the panels? We can build you a new patio! Or perhaps you need a patio or an extended patio to your house for more shade or barbecuing?


Need a new HVAC? Our technicians will replace your HVAC.



Looking into saving some water to help relieve California’s drought? We can do Turf installation anywhere you’d like and bundle it with Solar!


Do you not have enough concrete? Or poor condition and aged concrete you need to be replaced? We’ll pour you new concrete where desired! Some people choose to have their panels on the ground, we can pour slabs for ground panels.

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Let us help delete your high energy bills by going Green!

Take advantage of the solar investment tax credit (ITC)

ITC is a federal tax incentive enacted into law to encourage the deployment of solar energy in the United States. This federal tax credit is claimed against the tax liability of residential, commercial, and utility scale
investors in solar energy projects.

Enviromental Impact

Based on a 5kW system over the next 30 years your system will have saved:

Coal Emission

Tons of Coal


acres of forest

Car Emission

Miles Driven

Client Testimonials

My PGE bill was $600-800 in the summer months so I was in the market for Solar. Issue is I needed a new roof, PowerLoot provided me with a completely new roof, a new upgraded main electrical panel, a new full-coverage solar system, and of course the big Tax Rebate all for $190 a month… I failed to see any sort of downsides. 5/5


I JUST bought my house knowingly that the energy bills were high from previous owners due to poor window efficiency. I called the guys at PL and they made sure to give me all my options. Turns out buying the system is the absolute way to go. Im saving roughly over $3000 a year… Thank you again!! 5/5


My roof looks so futuristic with their beautifully laid all black panels. From start to finish, PowerLoot was flawless, with no hiccups, no issues. They didn’t bother me or pressure me, and once I signed they only contacted me when they needed me. Their team didn’t miss ONE call of mine. 5/5